SIG smart energy share

Now ALL social housing can be supplied with renewable energy

Historically, a large proportion of social housing accommodation has missed out on free solar energy for a number of different reasons:

  • No available roof space or room for solar panels
  • Incompatible orientation
  • Too little or no direct sunlight
  • Installation costs
SIG smart energy share ensures all social housing can be supplied with renewable energy including flats, maisonettes, apartment blocks, properties not south facing, and homes sheltered by trees and other structures.
The Solution
Who benefits?
Community Power

The Solution

SIG smart energy share is a revolutionary solution that guarantees FREE renewable energy for ALL social housing property.

It uses solar panels installed to the roof of one property. These generate electricity that can then be shared between neighbouring homes. This suits the District Network Operators that presently have the capacity to reject requests for large quantities of PV (solar) installations as it doesn’t currently have the technology or ability to receive large amounts of energy back into the existing grid. We must therefore make the most of all the energy we harvest so only the residual energy that can’t be used is exported.

SIG technology ensures the continual, cost-effective management of energy as it calculates the most efficient route to distribute power between properties – channelling it to the homes with immediate need. It also removes the potential of human error by taking over responsibility of your energy supply so you can be certain only the most cost-effective method of energy is used at all times. And just when you think it can’t get any better, SIG smart energy share is a low-carbon solution, available at an affordable initial investment, and is easily integrated into retrofit programmes.

Often those placed in social housing accommodation are vulnerable people and families unable to afford the escalating cost of electricity for their homes. Renewable energy offers an affordable, low-carbon solution, but until now there have been too many reasons preventing its installation.

With SIG smart energy share, solar energy can be made available to ALL properties, including:

  • Flats, Maisonettes, and Apartment Blocks
  • Properties not south facing or sheltered by trees and other structures

Other benefits include:

  • Affordable initial investment
  • Easily integrated with retrofit programmes

As our demand for energy increases so does the pressure we place on networks to deliver the power we need. Using renewable energy we can generate and harvest our own power, but at present the technology does not exist to push large quantities of energy back into the existing grid.

We must make the most of ALL the energy we harvest.

Now, for the first time, a method of using and sharing ALL generated energy in the most efficient way is available to ANY social housing property.

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Who benefits?

  • Residents of Flats, Maisonettes, and Apartment Blocks
    SIG Smart Energy Share supplies energy to tenants without roof space or enough room to accommodate solar panels
  • Properties not south facing or sheltered by trees and other structures
    SIG smart energy share provides the flexibility of utilising better-located neighbouring properties with unobscured roof space
  • Affordable initial investment
    Solar systems are only required on alternate properties, which reduces cost and carbon footprint
  • Retrofit programmes
    SIG Smart Energy Share can easily be included in UK-wide funded retrofit programmes with minimal cost and without incurring increased disruption

Community Power

SIG Smart Energy Share has most recently been adopted by Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) in Warrington. GGHT homes have been fitted with this ground-breaking control and monitoring device that is transforming social housing energy costs and consumption.

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