Ramada Hotel

The Ramada Hotel in Coventry has 166 bedrooms. The heating/cooling for these rooms is supplied via 13 condenser units.

SIG units were installed on all VRV units in order to monitor each individual unit and view their individual power consumption.



Following the installation of SIG units, a comparison of two broadly similar VRV units i.e. same number of rooms controlled by each and in a similar location in the building could be seen.

With results of kwh also showing similarities it was possible to adjust the settings of one VRV unit with some surprising results. Available heat delivery was reduced by 4 degrees C, and available cooling delivery was reduced by 3 degrees C.

These adjustments resulted in saving an average of 15 kwh per 24 hours without any negative feedback from guests.

Peter Corcoran, Facilities and Maintenance Manager of the Ramada Hotel and Suites in Coventry stated that these savings could not or would not have been realised without the use of sub-metering provided by SIG.