How it works

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SIG Inside

SIG Insight provides real time access to utilities, energy and carbon data, allowing customers to understand their energy use and make informed decisions regarding reducing costs and saving carbon.

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SIG Control

SIG Control provides all the functionality of SIG Insight with the added capability to control energy assets with battery back-up providing increased operational flexibility and ability to respond to events.

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SIG Remote

SIG Remote provides all the functionality of SIG Insight for real time critical asset monitoring and reporting capabilities in remote locations where there is no local power supply.

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SIG Grid-i

Grid-i is a smart grid accelerator designed for installation in low and high voltage networks, providing real time power flow, power quality insight and grid performance intelligence.

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Smart Energy Share


SIG SES is Distribution Network Operator approved Smart Energy Share technology, enabling housing associations and local authorities to share a single source of rooftop solar energy between multiple properties with the ability to integrate battery storage.

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Dynamic Boiler Optimiser


SIG DBO technology significantly reduces gas consumed by industrial and commercial boilers through the optimisation and controlled reduction of burner cycle times without affecting operational performance.

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