Dynamic Boiler Optimiser


SIG DBO is designed to reduce the time your boiler will burn gas or oil without affecting the temperature of your building, giving your boiler more intelligence.

The DBO has been adopted by Ramada Hotels. Find out the impact this has made by reading the case study

How it works

How it works

A boiler thermostat generally maintains temperatures in the boiler between 70 and 80 degrees C. The DBO ensures a boiler only responds to the needs of the building – not the boiler, which can often cool a couple of extra degrees and is sufficient to double the length of the cooling curve.

The principle is shown in the graph on the left where the boiler cycles across a 4 hour period are reduced from 8 to 5 and the overall burn time is reduced from 80 to 62 minutes.

A Savings Report can be downloaded and identifies exactly how this works in practice. The DBO takes itself in and out of circuit every 50 boiler cycles and measures the cooling and firing times for each cycle.

The DBO makes savings possible without the need for boiler temperature or footfall adjustments.


  • Prolongs boiler life
  • Reduces dry cycling
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Energy savings reporting
  • Suitable for both gas or oil boilers
  • Independently proven energy savings
  • 6 month return on investment (approx)
  • Thousands of units already in operation
  • Complements existing building and boiler control systems

The unit is unique in being able to evaluate savings by producing an online Savings Report, which can be downloaded and compares the results being in and out of circuit on a continual basis every 50 cycles.